A Digital Agency built for the future! Connex Social is a distributed team of digital marketing experts banded together since 2010 to serve clients in their digital marketing needs.

An automated Report was created to easily prepare client reports
Google Tag Manager brought faster tracking deployment to all client websites
Through Google Tag Manager customized events were implement for clients


  • Time consuming client reporting
  • Ongoing Tracking installation for clients websites


We’ve automated Connex Socials Reporting by connecting Google Spreadsheets to the Google Analytics API and build compelling Reports that drove insight and action.

On client’s websites we implemented Google Tag Manager to improve the speed and accuracy of tracking deployment.


The automated Reporting allowed ConnexSocial to save time and valuable resources which could be focused on getting insights from the Reports rather than gathering the data. In many cases the reports drove future optimizations and decision making.

The implementation of Google Tag Manager allowed ConnexSocial to be agile in their Tracking approach. Driven by client's question it is now a breeze to gather the data needed to build a compelling case for changes on the website. The implementation also lessened the burden working with the various Development Agencies which the Client employed.

From the client

Julian and his team have proven to be perfect in knowledge and skill at converting all of my sites over to Google Tag Manager while doing a deep integration of Google Analytics reporting so I can know all of my conversion metrics.

- Paul Kortman, Founder Connex Social

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